Remembering By Candlelight

By Jim Becklund, President of NSR

So many Samoyeds have touched our lives and have left a lasting impression on us. We all remember and cherish all those moments with them in our own way. Even with their passing we celebrate their years with us and the memories they have given us.

For these reasons, the National Samoyed Rescue family wishes to announce a very special series of events. We invite you to join us in a celebration and tribute the fur kids who have passed yet remain an integral part of our memories. This will be an ongoing celebration each Equinox

( and Solstice ( following the tradition of celebration of the seasons. On each Solstice and Equinox at 8pm “your time,” we ask that you face north, where our chosen breed was bred to live, and light a candle for each Samoyed you wish to remember. After lighting your candle, spend some time in fond memory of the fur babes who are waiting for you at the northern end of the Rainbow Bridge and relish in the joy they have given you. It is our goal to have a continual unbroken trail of candle lightings around the globe for twenty-four hours. We ask that you share this with fellow Samoyed owners worldwide.

For more information you may go to our website, There is also a link to our memorial page there. If you wish your Samoyed to be added to the public memorial list email us at with your dog’s name, missed by, dates, a picture if you like and a brief memorial. With the importance of social media, there will also be a Facebook event where you can add your dog and follow the candle lightings in “real time.” Remember this will cost you nothing and bring our Samoyed community closer together. If you do not wish to register or share with others your thoughts on the Samoyeds that have graced your life that’s OK. It is still important that you light a candle and celebrate privately.

We all hope you will participate and share all the special Sammies in your life and, please, pass the word along to anyone else you feel may be interested.

The Celebrations will be on:

Equinox (Spring/Autumn*) March 20

Solstice (Summer/Winter*) June 21

Equinox (Autumn/Spring*) September 22

Solstice (Winter/Summer*) December 21

*Indicates the Equinox or Solstice for northern hemisphere/southern hemisphere.

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