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Wonderful Poem Written by Joy Eaton
In Memory of Snowbear

I wrote this poem when we found that our beloved Snowbear was diagnosed with Nasal Carcinoma, the year after our wonderful dog Cheyenne passed away from cancer...
Snowbear How can I ever thank you for all the times that you have graced me With your dignity and love, you big beautiful white dog?

As I look back and reflect the life that we have shared, I see times where only your paw prints are there in the sand.

For that is when you, my benevolent friend, Have picked me up and carried me.

You have always walked beside me, ever protecting me From life's uncertainties in your wise ways.

You have always shown me the light, And guided my path.

Your smile even today lifts my spirits Whenever I gaze upon your lovely face.
For you are truly God's creature, as your ever loving presence has been a Bright candle in my life for all of your 11 years, And now dear friend, I know your light is growing dim.

May every moment of each day be filled with the warmth, love, And care you have shown me as I now carry you.

To Heaven's doors we will journey, And will meet again in time, my loyal friend.

But for now as we prepare for this journey, Know all your friends await you there!

Where you will once again run and jump about Frolicking in the Heavens, no longer with pain.

Will you please carry our love and greetings to our wonderful Friends, for we miss them too. As we say our final goodbyes, we wipe away the tears Realizing that it is not goodbye, for we will all be together once again!

Please wait for us, as Cheyenne is waiting for you, A stronger love bond cannot be found in all of the land. For Our Eternal Father, we truly do believe, Knows true love and guides our paths from now into eternity. We will walk with you now and always, our dear friend, And we thank the Lord for the special love we have shared.

There will always be our footprints in the sand, You carrying me, me carrying you, or both of us walking together, my big beautiful furry friend.
Joy Eaton Oct 30, 2005