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Deeply Missed by: Shelly Jo

We miss him so!

Deeply Missed by: Jess James
October 21, 2001 - February 12, 2013

My heart aches for you as you were indeed a special boy. You left a lasting impression with everyone you met; I will never forget you; all my love sweetheart.

Deeply Missed by: Jess James
December 27, 1990 – December 29, 2003

I miss your spirit and your zest for life. You were the fist of a love affair that continues to bloom to this day. Thank you baby; I will always remember and love you.

Deeply Missed by: Jess James
September 26, 1991 - Oct 20, 2001

My dear little girl; you left me first and left a hole in my heart that time has yet to heal. Sleep softly; momma loves you.

Deeply Missed by: Joseph and Leigh Tato
August 15, 2000- December 10, 2014

He stole our hearts when we first met, he has then still and always. Loved by many more as well. He has the personality that simply lit up a room (or street) of people--no matterwhat age or gender, or even if the person didn't think he/she liked dogs. Our baby boy--then, now, always.

GBG's Clownin' Around CDX RE (Casper)
Casper -January 7, 2004 to March 2, 2015
Missed by: Brett, Anna, Brenna, and Keegan Phelps

We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and are glad that if you had to go it was peacefully in the night. You are my first Samoyed and will always be my "heart" dog.

We sensed that he might be going so our family said our goodbyes last night. He squeezed my hand with both his paws while I lay by him and snuggled me with his head multiple times. Both of which took a lot of energy for him. Despite this terrible disease he was happy and not in pain until his last day.

There are so many things I could say about my clown dog Casper so I'll just mention a few here and share a picture to go along with the story.
1) He always wanted to "go" anywhere and LOVED to "work" and show. He thought leaving retirement to go to the National this year was THE BEST.
2) He wanted to be close to us but not so close that he would snuggle on the couch. But the minute that we would leave the house or room he would let us know how much he missed us by starting the group howl in the pack.
3) He was a gentle pack leader. The only time that he would put his pack in line is if they dared to take his rope, ball, or bully stick. In fact, he was known for stealing his pack's bully sticks and hiding them in his cheeks.
4) He was wonderful with both of our kids and gentle from the day they came home from the hospital. He would jump into Brenna's bed every night to tuck her in and would pace the halls to make sure they were safe at night.
5) He just plain loved people. He made hundreds of families happy at shows because he was always happy to be petted. His tail would wag as fast as it could when a judge came up to inspect him. He gave all of his heart to his family every day.
6) He had a special spot he would take any exciting or new food to and he would chew on it very slowly and enjoy every moment.
7) He loved anything paper. Paper towels, drawing paper, rollers, kleenex, you name it. Each day we came home we would find little pieces of paper he had chewed all over the house.
8) He was extremely intelligent - almost human like at times.
9) He was often caught sleeping "hiding" his paws. You can see from the baby picture that this started at a young age. 10) If you asked him "do you love" he would give a gentle and low growl back to say yes. The last vocal I got from him was an answer to "do you love" just a few days ago.

We will miss Casper greatly. He has changed our lives for the better but we lost a piece of our heart this when he passed that will never be replaced.

Bear, Bjelkier, Loko and Glacier
Missed by: Gary and Linda Gandy
Bear - September 16, 1979 to May 15, 1994
Bjelkier - May 28, 1980 to April 7, 1989
Loko - September 16, 1984 to February 24, 1994
Glacier - May 13, 1986 to February 14, 1994

Gary and I were only married 6 months when he told me he would like a dog. Not just any dog, but a Samoyed. There was an ad in the newspaper for Samoyed puppies. We went over to just look. He picked out the middle boy and I said, "You have the money in your pocket, don't you". Bear came home with us. He was Gary's first dog. Since I was going to college, I arranged my classes so I could be home with Bear too. Then we decided he needed a friend. We then found a little female and named her Bjelkier. She was the love of his life. He would do anything for her. We later got Loko, who was his daughter by a friend's Samoyed. She was such an active gal and we nicknamed her Thug, for she was the enforcer in the group. We bred her and she had a litter of puppies, six girls and one boy. We kept the boy and named him Glacier. We had our sled team. We lost Bjelkier due to a heart valve problem. She died in my arms. Since we lived out in the country, we buried her. Bear was so devastated he would lay next to the grave and leave his toys. The only thing that saved him was breaking that by taking him to work one Saturday. My boss's suggestion. After work, I took him for a vanilla ice cream cone and it helped. Then in 1994 we had a triple tragedy. Bear was almost 15 and we knew his days were numbered. But we suddenly lost our baby, Glacier, due to pancreatitis and then only 10 days later Loko to the same. Our vet did a necropsy but there was no confirmation what happened. Then three months later we lost our precious Bear. It was a tough year. We still miss you all.

Miss you so much! Daddy and Mommy
February 8, 1994-October 1, 2005

Nimbus came to us after we had lost two of our Samoyeds 10 days apart. We were devastated. Our oldest Samoyed, Bear, was upset to lose his daughter and grandson. Then we found our Nimbus. He was an active puppy and became a close friend to our new collie puppy, Arrow. They were best friends. He loved to hike, ride in the truck and just be with his family. We lost him to a stroke when he was only 11. We think of him every day...

Samarind King Arthur AKA "Milo"
missed by: Donald & Mel
March 1996 - May 22 2007

My first Sam, I named him after the dog Milo in the film "The Mask". He lived up to his name. He started my family before Mel joined us. Run Free!

Missed by MaryAnn Hanas
November 24, 1997 to September 13, 2013

Daria was my second Samoyed who I got to keep Xenia company. Little did I know that neither of them really wanted to have a companion. Daria as a puppy was a pest to Xenia but I think Xenia did enjoy her playmate! Daria was a very loving girl. She took over our walks and was always out in front with me and Xenia behind. However, when anyone came near Xenia or me Daria was right there barking up a storm until they backed off. She loved our walks too and it never mattered how far we would walk, Daria was always out in front. When we came to hills to walk up, I would tell the girls to keep moving and pull me up cause I was tired. They never let me down. Daria and I had a very different relationship after Xenia died. She too was my constant companion. Despite living to two months shy of 16, it still was not long enough. You are always in my heart Daria. I will always love you for the unending love you gave to me.

Missed by MaryAnn Hanas
January 20, 1996 to November 6, 2007

Xenia was my first Samoyed and she lived up to her kennel name of Seacrests the Obstinate One! She was my constant companion. We took some wonderful walks together along railroad tracks, into muddy creeks, up and down hills. She was absolutely beautiful and was so very tolerant of little children wanting to pet and hug her. Her favorite toy was a rubber mallet that I called pinkie and she always brought it to me to have me throw it down the hallway so she could run after it as it bounced off the walls and the floor. Stubborn as this breed can be, Xenia never let on to me how sick she was until the evening of November 5 when she could not stand on her own. I said goodbye to her the following morning after finding out that she had hemangiosaracoma and liver cancer. You are always in my heart Xenia. I will always love you for the love you showed me until the very end.

Loved and deeply missed by Helene Lindemans
passed on 29 september 2010

Our beloved Kira she passed on 29 septembrer 2010.She is forever and Always in our heart.

Taronakits Must Be Kito
Loved and deeply missed by Sam, Alan, Jaren and Shanice
Dec 2012 March 2013

We named our beautiful puppy Kito (African Swahili meaning precious), we could never have known how precious his time would be with us. He sadly passed away at 10 weeks old. Loved and deeply missed by Sam, Alan, Jaren and Shanice. Rest in peace with the angels sweet Kito x

Missed by Joanne Keenan, and sister Hillary
Nov 2001 to Sept. 2011.

Dear brother of Hillary, they both came to me as my first puppies. Bone cancer claimed his life far too early in a battle that was far too short, and sent him to the bridge where he "waits" for us. He always claimed the prize for the longest "wait". :) Always a gentleman; my beautiful boy.

Missed by Joanne Keenan
June 1988; Went to the bridge Jan. 2002

Shadoe was given to us at age 5, and after spending 8 years with us, went to the bridge Jan. 2002. He was my introduction to this wonderful Samoyed breed. He was a wonderful ambassador who inspired my love for these beautiful dogs. Because of him, I sought two puppies to continue my family of fur and happiness.

Dearly missed by Nancy Johansen
Adopted 1999 lost 2007

In memory of Tasha, who came to me in 1999 at age 4. We were together for a wonderful 8 years before I lost her to cancer in 2007. Tasha, I hope you knew how loved you were, and how much you are missed every single day.

Dearly missed by Charlie and Mary Bowyer
Taffy came to us from the woods as a stray in October 2004 and stayed until God called him to the bridge on Jan 1 2012.

He is forever a part of our hearts. He taught us the real meaning of love.

Missed By: Charlie and Mary Bowyer
Born March 2009 and called to the bridge August 2012

Our baby girl Tootsie gave us so much joy in the 3 short years of her life Born March 2009 and called to the bridge August 2012. We still shed tears and have aching hearts for our baby girl

Aaron's Prince Samson
Missed By: Nancy Greene
Oct. 17, 1991 to Jul. 3, 2004

I found Prince advertised in the local IWANA publication advertised by a back yard breeder. I brought him home and he gave us over 12 years of love, fun and devotion. Because of his origin, he did not experience the best of health, but he was all heart. After he left for Rainbow Bridge, he inspired me to foster for Tarheel Samoyed Club Rescue. My first assignment was Sammi Sue. She has remained with me for 10 years and togeather we helped send over 30 Sammies to wonderful forever homes in that time. I know Prince is smiling at the work his devotion has inspired.

Missed By: her Mom
Unknown to May 2014

Memorial for my sister's rescue Samoyed "Kit" She was adopted from a Samoyed rescue in NY, 10 years ago, and passed away yesterday due to renal failure. Please keep my sister in your thoughts & prayers.

Missed By: Denise Kress, Daphney's pet sitter and Amy and Ed her Mom and Dad
Unknown to 2013
From: Ohio USA

Daphney was a pet sitter's delight. She was highly intelligent, friendly and easy going. Not once, did she make my job difficult. In fact, I'm pretty sure that she was actually trying to please me. :) I feel very privileged to have been her caretaker and I have many fond memories of her. Often, I would show up to visit her after she was groomed and she would have colored bows in her hair and I would swear she was smiling. She stayed at our farm once with her "brother" Brutus while her parents traveled and she loved our goats. She would casually roam around our goats in the sunshine and her eyes beamed affection towards them. Thank you to the best pet parents, Amy and Ed for all the cherished memories of Daphney. I hope Daphney is enjoying the company of goats and others in Heaven and I hope to see her again one day! :)

Missed By: Greg and Barbara Shippie
04/09/86 to 07/30/07
From: Port Orchard, WA USA

Keno was adopted through the San Francisco Samoyed Rescue in 2001 - six months after the loss of our 15 year Samoyed. We also had a Samoyed (Keno's cousin - Nellie) for 8 years (died at 10) also a rescued from SFSR. Three Sammies in our life - nothing could be finer.

Missed By: Beverley Andalora
approx 1985 - 1999
From: San Jose , California , USA

Sitka was our first Samoyed. We found her roaming the alley behind our house in Texas and no one claimed her. She moved in and decided to stay with us for 7 years. She was a wonderful companion and we miss her very much.

Missed By: Pam Puckett
1990 - 2005
From: Mesa , az , USA

We miss you Puffers. Will see you over the bridge

Ch. Silver Echo's Major Motion
Missed By: Jim Becklund
June 12,1984 - 15-Feb-93
From: St. Johns , Michigan , US

Major was my second Samoyed. He was "my" dog and I was "his" person. In my heart and in my life he will always be my best friend and constant supporter. His gentle spirit and celebration of life will be missed until we are once again joined at the Bridge.

Missed By: jomanda
Warsaw - Argentina
From: Argentina

Missed By: Debs
11/30/1989 - 6/25/2005
From: Joliet , Illinois , USA

As her name indicates, Diamond truly was a girl's best friend. For more than 15 years she was always there for me with a smile and unconditional love. She will forever be missed and never replaced!

Missed By: linda brown
1990 - 2000
From: Columbus , Ohio , USA

If there ever could be the perfect friend and nanny ,mandy was it.She got up with me in the middle of night with the babies and laid under their cribs.She "herded" them home,when it was time for them to come home and she greeted us whenever we came home from work.To this day,we all cry for her.

Missed By: Alicia Heine
2/14/1990 - 5/26/2006
From: Granby , CT , USA

Sasha was a wonderful friend and companion. She truly loved life and all who surrounded her - cat, dog or human. We miss her with all of our hearts. I pray that we will meet again some day. My Dad passed away in February of this year - I know that he wanted a dog and I am confident that my Sasha went to keep him company. I hope that somewhere over the rainbow we will meet again............Sasha I love you!

Missed By: Lisa Hamler
5/29/1992 - 5/16/2006
From: Quaker Hill , CT , USA

Zach was more than my dog. He was my best friend. The only being in existence that loved me more than anyone no matter what I did or said. I swear he could read my mind. I will miss his sweet soft fur, beautiful expressive eyes, and sammy smile for as long as I live. I still expect to see him every time I open the door, or get up in the morning. I really cant believe he is gone. My heart will have a hole in it until we meet again. I love you Zachey boy. Please come see me in my dreams........ Nighty night Boo Boo.... Mommy loves you.............

Missed By: Joanne and David Skidmore
1986 - 2002
From: , Illinois , USA

Yuki lived all over as we moved around the country. She came to us during Potato Bowl in Grand Forks ND. Her energy and love for life was exceptional and led to interesting adventures. We will forever miss her. Through her life and death we were drawn into Samoyed Rescue. She will be forever loved and missed.

Starr's Royal Snowbear
Missed By: Joy & Gary Eaton
21-Jun-94 - 14-Dec-05
From: Beaverton , Oregon , United States

I wrote this poem when we found that our beloved Snowbear was diagnosed with Nasal Carcinoma, the year after our wonderful dog Cheyenne passed away from cancer...
Snowbear How can I ever thank you for all the times that you have graced me With your dignity and love, you big beautiful white dog?

As I look back and reflect the life that we have shared, I see times where only your paw prints are there in the sand.

For that is when you, my benevolent friend, Have picked me up and carried me.

You have always walked beside me, ever protecting me From life's uncertainties in your wise ways.

You have always shown me the light, And guided my path.

Your smile even today lifts my spirits Whenever I gaze upon your lovely face.
For you are truly God's creature, as your ever loving presence has been a Bright candle in my life for all of your 11 years, And now dear friend, I know your light is growing dim.

May every moment of each day be filled with the warmth, love, And care you have shown me as I now carry you.

To Heaven's doors we will journey, And will meet again in time, my loyal friend.

But for now as we prepare for this journey, Know all your friends await you there!

Where you will once again run and jump about Frolicking in the Heavens, no longer with pain.

Will you please carry our love and greetings to our wonderful Friends, for we miss them too. As we say our final goodbyes, we wipe away the tears Realizing that it is not goodbye, for we will all be together once again!

Please wait for us, as Cheyenne is waiting for you, A stronger love bond cannot be found in all of the land. For Our Eternal Father, we truly do believe, Knows true love and guides our paths from now into eternity. We will walk with you now and always, our dear friend, And we thank the Lord for the special love we have shared.

There will always be our footprints in the sand, You carrying me, me carrying you, or both of us walking together, my big beautiful furry friend.
Joy Eaton Oct 30, 2005

Missed By: Barbara Adams
20-May-93 - 20-May-06
From: Omaha , NE , USA

Freckles was a parvo survivor. She lived life to the fullest, with her Brother Thor. Freckles had her way of talking to us, by laying on her pillow, barking, and having her front paws go up and down. We will never forget her sweet loving ways, and very tiny licks on our cheeks. You are our Freckles, our baby Freckles You made us happy (most of the time) You'll never know how much we'll miss you God please take our Freckles with you.

Missed By: Barb and Leo Adams
14-May-85 - "Nov. 14, 1999"
From: Omaha , NE , USA

Samson lived 14 1/2 years. He was able to see his children and grandchildren being born. Samson was a very loyal dog, we could put him in the front yard and he would never run away. He loved to get into our laps and fall asleep. Even though it's been 6 years since he went to heaven, we still miss him. His son Thor is almost exactly like him, loving, compasonate, and needs to be with you as much as he can.

Missed By: Cari Stebbins
Sep-85 - 26-Dec-98
From: Dearborn Heights & Beaverton , Michigan , United States of America

I can still picture the cold winter day we brought that fluffy white puppy home as though it was just yesterday. She was snuggled inside my Dad's coat, close to his heart--symbolic of where her place would always be in our family. I was an only child and Frosty was my sister, my best friend, and my confidante. I loved her with all my heart and always will. Everything I do with rescue is in honor of the love she gave to me so selflessly. Our entire family was present when it was time to help her go to the Bridge. There was no shortage of tears as she took a piece of our hearts with her to wait for us there. We decided to have her cremated and her ashes are now buried with my Grandma's ashes--she always loved curling up at Grammy's feet. Frosty's candle will always burn bright in my soul.

Samson (Sammy)
Missed By: Sue Kabler
1992 - 28-Mar-06
From: St. Charles , Missouri , USA

Sammy was with us for only three years, but he brought such love and goodness into our home for those three years. He couldn't see or hear well and he had dysplasia in both hips but he sure enjoyed life. He will always be in our hearts.

Missed By: Kerry Grace
Nov-78 - 1989
From: Spring , TX , USA

He was our first Sammie. He taught us a lot about how to be pet parents and also parents.

Missed By: Kerry Grace
1977 - 1986
From: Houston , TX , USA

He was a cool dog, and we miss him.

Bear the first
Missed By: Kerry Grace
1989 - 1991
From: Spring , TX , USA

He died too young.

Missed By: Kerry Grace
1982 - 1996
From: Spring , TX , USA

He was a really great dog, and we miss him.

Missed By: Kerry Grace
1993 - 2005
From: Spring , TX , USA

We miss him a lot.

Missed By: Barbara
1993 don't have a bd she was a rescue - 5-29-06 so the grief is very new
From: Little Falls , New Jersey , USA

She was my first sammie and had that wonderful smile that lights up the world right until the last days. I will always remember her but participating in this ceremony will make me feel especially close to her.

Missed By: Karen tipp
21-Jun-95 - 24-Nov-05
From: Chicago, Il , Il , USA

Echo was a super dog. He went from being dog aggressive to being the most loved dog in the area. The vet, animal shelters, dog boarding and day care centers. --- all have Echo's picture on their walls. He supposedly died of a heart attack, but I wonder. One person I know in the area did not like Echo due to his barking. I hope I am wrong and Echo died of nature. He sent us another dog in January. So I know he is not angry at his death.

Missed By: Karen Tipp
21-Jun-95 - 24-Jan-96
From: Chicago, Il , Il , USA

Tally was killed by a bus when she ran out into the street after getting loose from her collar. She was one of the sweetest dogs that did not have a chance. But she sent us Echo.

Kara's Magnificent Glacier, CGC
Missed By: Donna
1-Mar-93 - 11-Oct-02
From: , Illinois , USA

She was my first Samoyed and my Love

Jessy (CH. River City's AnnLee Hollyhawk)
Missed By: Charlotte Waack
28-Mar-92 - 22-Apr-06
From: Payson , Illinois , USA

Jessy was a very special soul who was such a huge part of my life.

As a puppy Jessy was into everything as only a sammy can be :) She had such fun in her soul!

She was the consumate showdog, and my last champion. Jessy was diabetic since March of 2002. She took her disease in stride and never let it affect her.

Through her treatment, she taught me how to be a better veterinary technician and her regiment made me a much better owner due to the time constraints of her insulin doses and her blood glucose curves.

When Jess became blind from her diabetic cataracts, she did not miss a beat! Of course, we did not move furniture around so she could navigate easily....but if one of the boys left a toy that she could trip over, she just picked the toy up and carried it around like she had found gold!!

When her mind started to go and her days became very short, we walked her to the Rainbow Bridge and came home to celebrate her wonderful life.

I will never again have another dog like Jessy....she was my heart and soul, my little bug (her nickname), my reason to research and learn as much as I could about diabetes mellitus and her memory will live forever in my heart. I miss her dearly, but I know what a wonderful life she had and that she lived that life to the fullest- never letting anything stop her :)

Missed By: Wendy Lawson
Nov-88 - May-99
From: Leeds , , United Kingdom

Zara was special to me as I had recently divorced and she helped me through all the heartache and the loneliness. She was always grown up - always with me - and although I have another Sammy I still remeber Zara with great affection

Missed By: Deirdre Stuart
10/10/1981 - 2/28/1996
From: Dundee , , Scotland

Tanya was my very first sam and my introduction to this wonderful breed. She was very stubborn and destructive, with her own "code of justice". She had very good health up to the end when she suffered a massive heart attack. I miss and love you SO MUCH and look forward to the day we are together again, along with all my other furries.

Missed By: Deirdre Stuart
12/26/1982 - 1/3/1997
From: Dundee , , Scotland

Heidi was Tanya's sister but very different. Heidi was sweet,gentle and very obedient. My "little duster feet" lost her battle with cancer and and to go to the Bridge to wait for us all. I miss you sorely my liitle angel. Until we are together again xxx

Missed By: Deirdre Stuart
10/10/1985 - 1/5/1997
From: Dundee , , Scotland

Nikita was a big gentle giant.She had a big heart and was SO gentle. She was taken from me too early and I look forward to the day I am reunited with my big girl. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there,I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not think of me as gone-- I am with you still, in each new dawn.

Missed By: Deirdre Stuart
11/8/1984 - 6/22/1999
From: Dundee , , Scotland

Solomon was a real "ladies man" and a wanderer. He kept me on my toes for years and would go walk-about if given the slightest opportunity. I miss you my old man and look with hope to the day we are together again. -------------- When the body that lived at your single will When the whimper of welcome is stilled (how still!) When the spirit that answered your every mood Is gone--wherever it goes--for good, You still discover how much you care And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

Missed By: Deirdre Stuart
2/16/1997 - 5/10/1999
From: Dundee , , Scotland

Darius, you were taken away from me too soon!! The Angels must have known how special you were. Run free my sweet "Mooosie" till we meet again. ----------- Don't grieve too long for now I'm free I've followed the path God set for me I ran to Him when I heard His call I swished my tail and left it all. I could not stay another day To bark, to love, to romp or play Games left unplayed must stay that way I found such peace, it made my day. My parting has left you with a void Please fill it with remembered joy A friendship shared, your laugh, a kiss Oh yes, these things I too shall miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow My life's been full, you've given so much Your time, your love and gentle touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief Don't lengthen it now with undue grief Lift up your head and share with me God wanted me, He set me free! ~ Author Unknown

Missed By: Lynn Peden
Sep-85 - 12/26/1998
From: Dearborn Heights & Beaverton , Michigan , USA

Frosty was my fur daughter. Her older sister is my flesh daughter Cari. Frosty loved each member of our family so much and gave us so much joy. Frosty was able to listen to Cari when humans could not. Frosty also always curled up on Cari's head during the night if it stormed. As Frosty aged, she would need to go out during the night. Being a working mom, this was difficult to do. My mother, who lived with us and was in her late 70's said she would take her out since "us old gals have to stick together." Frosty left us the day after Christmas in 1998. It had snowed that morning and she loved the snow. But her legs were tired and she was unable to get up and down the porch steps without a lot of help. Frosty walked out in the yard which was covered with fresh snow, and laid down and looked back at 5 humans who loved her so much, that we honored her wish to go to the rainbow bridge. There was lots of crying and telling of Frosty stories. Frosty was cremated and stayed here at home with my husband, mother and myself. When mother passed away, Frosty was buried with her. The "old gals" are together, waiting for the rest of the family. My daughter now rescues Sammies for the Wonderland Samoyed Safe Haven.

Missed By: Ken & Denise Blankenship
11/30/1996 - 6/3/2006
From: Barberton , Ohio , USA

To a blessed member of our family than we love so much! You were loved by so many! And will be missed so very much! May God Bless You & keep you until me meet again!

Cash --- CH Ala-Kasam's Show Me The Money
Missed By: William Lyle
17-Jan-97 - 18-Jul-05
From: Waynesboro , Virginia , USA

Not only was Cash my best friend, he was a gentleman and a magnificent representative of his breed, loved by his many friends and missed by all. We helped each other through some difficult times and my fond memories of him and his love of life will go with me to my grave. There have been other Sams in my life and there are several now, but there will never be another Cash.

Missed By: Boker Yaruss
1970's - 1990's
From: Walnut/ Tualatin/ RS Margarita , CA/OR/CA , USA

Shayna was a sweet rescue that traveled everywhere with me to all of my accounts thru OR, WA, ID, MT & AK. If she could write up the orders, she wouldn't have needed me, except to drive the car. She loved me thru sickness, health and break-ups; she helped me find the real love of my life, who passed Shayna's discerning eye with unanimous approval. She taught me how to love a Sam like her, which set me up for all the Sams to come: Bianca next, our only new baby Sam, Belee, then rescues Sierra and Sheba, at the same time, 3 together. For looking into your eyes, when you have questions, for kissing your hand when there are no cookies, for licking away your tears when they stream don your face, for howling with you when you are in pain, for not commenting on your worst outfit as you sail through the door, for rousting you out of bed or off the couch before you meld into it, for wanting to be wherever you are, whenever you are there, for being the truest, most unconditional lover a man or woman or child can have at their side...the truest honor bestowed; one better live an exmplary and worthy life to dwell in the company of our Sams. They are precious and nutty, willful and most loving, and forever in our hearts and minds.

Missed By: Linda Saltojanes
31-Oct-90 - 20-Mar-06
From: Lisbon , Connecticut , USA

Snowball was my best friend and I miss her everyday. I got her as a rescue when she was 10 months old and she was there for me for 15 years! I am a better person for having known and loved her.

Missed By: Justine Drill
don't know - 11/30/2005
From: South River , NJ , USA

My nick-name for Sammy was "Mr. Mischief" because he was always looking to get into mischief. He was 11 years old when I resuced him from a shelter and he only lived with me for about 18 months before he had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. His original owner had named him "Sammy". At first, I didn't want to keep "Sammy" as a name for a Samoyed and decided to call him "Sampson". But after a few days, I went back to "Sammy" because Sammy he was and Sammy he would be! "Sammy" was the only name that seemed to fit the Old Boy! We will never forget you, Sammy! We love you and we know that you are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We thank you for the messages you sent to us letting us know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge and that you are safe and happy. Whenever I talk to anyone whose pet has left this world, I tell them about the Rainbow Bridge and how you contacted us to let us know you got there and are hanging out until the day we will all be together again.

Missed By: Jim Kelley
2-Jul-95 - 12-Jun-06
From: Liverpool , NY , USA

Panda was the greatest dog who touched many people's hearts & lives bringing joy & happiness where ever he went. It seems like only yesterday you were only a little white fluff ball of a puppy cradled in my hands. Who knew how one beautiful dog could bring such happiness - eleven years just does not seem enough but we will cherish every moment & memory. If only my tears could bring you back for just a moment - but you are in our hearts forever. We will always love you and miss you - travel safe my friend until the day we meet again...

Missed By: Barbara Ross
1977 - 1988
From: Portland , Oregon , USA

Pilot was born in Savannah, GA where he was rescued off of the side of a freeway overpass as a tiny puppy. I liked to joke about Pi being able to speak "yu all". He was named Pilot to be the co-pilot to my husband who was a pilot of airplanes...only Pilot coulnd't handle the noise of the planes so the joke became Pile it here, and Pile it there...He was the most well behaved dog - did what you told him to do, loved to play tugging games. He could pull Jeff off of the couch tugging his dirty old sock. Pilot brought more joy and laughs to us...barking at the waves of the Gulf down at Panama City, FL, His leap in the car and turn mid leap when he realized he was in the wrong part of the car was so hilarious...facial expressions on that dog...all these years later it still makes me laugh. When you got old and sick it tore your daddy and I up to watch you deteriorate...and when the time came for you to go on to the rainbow bridge...well...we knew it was best for you but we missed you so very much and we still do. Pilot, you were my dog, my friend, my protector, my baby and I have never stopped loving you or missing you. I've had other dogs in my life since you, but none can live up to you. You were the exceptional one in a million. You will always be in my heart.

Missed By: Lee
24th Feb 1993 - 18th April 2006
From: Hampshire , , UK

Darling Coney Bear, We miss you dear and faitful friend and our love for you will never end. Coney's Memorial Page

Ch. Moon Bear's Starr Gazer
Missed By: Jim Becklund
21-Jul-89 - 20-Jun-02
From: Dewitt , Michigan , United States

Starr was always there in good and bad times. To give her advise whether it was needed or not. To add and define the terms love and devotion to my vocabulary. She will always be in my heart and always remembered.

Alexandra o'Vanilla
Missed By: Ava
11/24/1988 - 7/17/2005
From: Auburn , Maine , US

You had me at "Ah woo woo", sweet girl. We had 17 good years and thousands of "I love you's". We'll hug and 'noozle' again on the Bridge, be nice to Kota and Bear.

Missed By: Marian and Mark
30-Jan-87 - 27-Oct-02
From: Many , "IL, PA" , "USA, Netherlands"

Sasha, our Eveready Bunny, you were our first Sam and taught us the joy of being owned by one. You were fiercely independent, but loved to be with us as we loved to be with you. You are missed, remembered, and loved. Until we are reunited.

Missed By: Marian and Mark
20-Nov-90 - 8-Apr-05
From: Many , "IL, PA" , "USA, Netherlands, England"

Our sweetest Baby Bear how we miss your smiling face, your sighs of pleasure, and your activity director attitude! You took part of us with you to keep forever, but left us so much in return. Run and play at Rainbow Bridge as you couldn't here with us. We love you, we remember you and feel you still here with us. Thank you for whispering to another little Sam to choose us as her parents. We will be together again and we know you will cover us in kisses as we will you. Play now...

Missed By: Anngharaad Reid
22-Dec-83 - 26-Jun-98
From: Windsor , Connecticut , USA

Beau was an answer to my prayers and a dream come true. He was my soulmate, my reason for living, my best friend. If anyone else could have loved him with their whole heart their entire lifetime, they couldn't have loved him more than I did in a single day. He was my first thought every morning and my last thought every night. He was my everything. He was always well behaved -- he was never mischevious or naughty. And, he was as handsome as he was gentle. Everyone who knew him loved him and miss him -- none more than I. My love for you, Beau, is like a flame which burns out of control. May it never be extinguished. It is a light our souls can follow.

Missed By: Anngharaad Reid
28-May-69 - 12-Aug-83
From: Windsor , Connecticut , USA

My dearest Niki, the very first moment I beheld you, my heart was irrevocably gone. Niki possessed my heart and was my joy from her third day of life. Everything good about me, I learned from her. She was my mother, my sister, my best friend. We grew up together. She taught me that the best kind of love is the "no matter what" kind. She loved me "no matter what." Because of her, I love dogs without question and without end. I can live without human companionship; but I can't live without animal companionship. I love my little Nikki without end. She's not at the "Rainbow Bridge." She and my Beau are with me now -- Angels watching over me.

Missed By: Sheena
Nov-93 - Jan-06
From: Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , United States

*Don't Weep for Me* Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sun on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awake in morning's hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand by my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die. _____________________________________________
Boss was my best friend I had him since I was 6 years old , He was always happy and had a smile on his face. He was always there to cheer you up , he was never mean to anybody ever!. When we had to put him to sleep I cried my eyes out for a whole month straight & I still cry ever know and then im trying my best to stay strong. I still wish I can walk through my moms door and see him there laying under the coffee table and barking his head off because he was happy to see me , its hard to face the fact that im never going to see him again , but I know for a fact he is up in heaven looking down on me with that big smile on his face. He was the best dog he was like a brother to me , no other can take his place.

Cookie, Sasha, Chewy, Tundra, Mr. T
Missed By: Sarah Lichtenfelt
From: Millington, Michigan , USA

Remembering the rescue Sams who entered rescue and our hearts and left for the Rainbow Bridge with WSSH as their only forever family.

All the SFSR rescues who passed on to the Bridge
Missed By: San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
From: San Francisco, California , USA

To all the SFSR rescue Sams at the Rainbow Bridge--Each and every one of you holds a special place in the hearts of those who helped you on your way to a new life, as well as in the hearts of those who provided you a loving forever home. Thank you for all the unconditional love you have given to so many.

Missed By: Mary & Tim Cosney
September 29 1993 - June 10 2006
From: Dumont, NJ , USA

Our Beloved Kimba! You were our pride and joy! You have left our hearts filled with LOVE for 13 of the presious years we had you. What you gave us could never be measured in words, but only by what we feel in our Hearts. You were a treasure be all means of the word. I know when God calls your Mom & Dad you will be there to greet us with your sweet beautiful smiling face:>) We Love you and miss you something awful. Rest in Peace my Sweet Angel .
Love You All The World! xoxoxoxox
Mommy & Daddy

Am/Can Ch Sanorka-Ren J's Windstar "Windy"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
July 6, 1994 - June 18, 2006
From: Saugerties , NY , US

Looking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above For a moment all the world was right How could I have known you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The way it all would end, the way it all would go Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance"
lyrics to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks

BISS Am/Can Ch Ala-Kasam's Star Gazer, CD, CGC, TDI "Gazer"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
11/13/1988 - 5/26/2002
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Gazer was that "once in a lifetime" dog. He accomplished so much in his brief 13 years with us, that we can never honor him enough. He was an extraordinary show dog, starting his show career with a Best in Match at the age of just 4 months. He finished his AKC championship by the age of 10 months, with two group placements from the classes. He won Best Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty in '89. He was in the "Top 20" in the breed two years in a row, proudly breeder/owner handled by us to all his wins. His quality proved to be ageless, winning four regional specialties and four Best Veteran In shows, all after the age of 7. He won his fourth specialty at the age of 10+ years of age. Not only did he shine in the conformation ring, but he also gave 100% when he was in the obedience ring, or the agility ring, or pulling a sled, or doing therapy work. He was a patient and loving companion, who made friends for us wherever we traveled. There will never be another dog like him.

Am/Can Ch Ala-Kasam's Shooting Star, CD "Halley"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
11-13-88 - 5-10-03
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Halley was a sweet tempered, faithful companion. Patient and incredibly eager to please, she was our household matriarch and bed warmer for 14 years.

Am/Can Ch Ala-Kasam's Wizard in White, CD "Wizard"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
2-28-85 - 2-98
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Wiz was the son of our very first Samoyed. He was the first dog we showed to win a 5 pt major. He was the first dog we showed that won Winners at a reiongal specialty. He was the first dog that I showed and finished to its championship. He was our first obedience titled dog. An eager worker and willing to please, Wizard was MY dog. There will always be a special place in my heart and many happy memories for my Wiz.

Am/Can Ch Ala-Kasam's Stardust Memories "Echo"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
12-19-93 - 1-21-05
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Dear sweet Echo. Keeper of the stuffies. Your Bird and your Pig and Mister Stinky are all still in the toy box where you left them. Faithful companion. Beautiful show dog. You left us too soon. Not a day goes by that I don't climb the stairs and think of your smiling face looking down at me. We miss you terribly.

Ala-Kasam's Magik Stardust "Dusty"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
12-21-89 - 12-19-93
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Dusty unexpectedly left our lives one snowy December night, just two days shy of her 4th birthday. She left behind a litter of 5 beautiful puppies. Her sparkling personality and cheery disposition lives on in them, and in their offspring. We cherish the memories of the few short years we had with her. Thank you Dusty.

Ch Ala-Kasam's A Touch of Magik "Gypsy"
Missed By: Tom and Beverly Delaney
12-21-89 - 1-99
From: Saugerties , NY, US

Gyspy came back to us at the age of three, the victim of a divorce. From the day she literally leaped back into our lives, she charmed her way into everyone's hearts. The other dogs all loved her. Our friends and family all loved her. The judges all loved her. She had this endearing way of plunking herself at your feet, throwing her head back, and giving you a big long "woooooo" .... look at ME ! Pick ME !! She never failed to get a smile and make a new friend. That was our "Yippy Gyppy". You went out to play in the snow with your buddy Starbuck, and left us so unexpectedly that day in January. We miss you, and we miss the way you woke up each and every day and approached life with such energy and enthusiasm and brought so much happiness. Thank you for sharing your joy of life with us.

Missed by: Jean
1987 - 1999
, ,

Best of Friends, Protector, Still painfully missed

Am/Can Ch Happy Go Lucky of Northwind "Lucky Bear"
Missed by: Tom and Beverly Delaney
May-79 - 1987
From: Saugerties , NY ,

You were where it all started. That day in July when we picked you up as an adorable little "Polar Bear" puppy was just the beginning of 28+ years of owning, and being owned by ... this wonderful breed. You were our first Samoyed, our first show dog, our first stud dog. You taught us so much about life with a samoyed. We learned dog training, dog show handling, veterinary medicine. We joined kennel clubs and became international travelers and met people who have become lifetime friends. We bought a station wagon, and then a van, and then a bigger van ... and then a bigger house! You gave us so much unconditional love and devotion and so much joy and happiness that we never really minded all the barking and the digging and the chewing and the shedding. It was because of wonderful, jolly, charming you that we chose to devote our lives to you, and others who followed after you. Thank you Bear, for sharing your life with us.

Tor and Missy
Missed by: Jean
1982 and 1983 - 1995 and 1997
, ,

Tor Sweetest puppy breath, Quickest Mind, Mind Reader! Knew first time what you wanted and/or meant. Love of all life. Missy First, shy and quiet, Finally, strong, confident, Alpha! True Alpha, no fuss, no muss. All was well when Missy was around. Young'uns learned the rules very quickly as she showed them the path in no uncertain terms but without excess display of personality and power. She, the shy, sweet little girl - was a true alpha. Everything for the group.

Missed by: Jean
1999 - 2003

Beauty Queen. Strong, Sweet, Alan's Girl; Deathly ill; overcoming for 3 1/2 years. Playful, Alpha, Finally, Ending. Sweetly given so that there would be no pain.

Missed by: Jean
1990 - 1998

What a Boy! Tricks proudly given. Cookie on the Nose; Bang! - fall down Bang! Bang! - Legs up in the air....LOLLLLL Big Sammie Grin! Ask Kodi anything; he will give it. Love looks from first day. Suddenly ill - cancer; Gone quickly; ....what a boy.......

Missed by: Jean
1986 - 2001

arrived at age 12 1/2 yrs. Probably not much time left. heheheheheheheh..... Demanding; Grouchy; Didn't tolerate lesser beings trying to teach her new tricks like grooming, pedicures and the like. The Empress Dowager she was dubbed, deservedly. Then, ...Kodi arrived and she was in LOVE! She would Bump Kodi in the mid-section - he would give me the worried Sammie boy look..... "help?" Kodi leaves us all, sadly. New puppy arrives, Sirena. Hurrumph.... New BOY arrives - ACE - Gorgeous hunk of Sammie Boy! Kitza's in love again..... She Bumps him in the mid-section; Ace looks at me and asks... .."huh?" Glad she came to us; she taught us all some lesson. Dignity in the face of arthritic pain; hope with less pain and other dogs to play with.. :-) Finally, actual sweetness underneath all that gruffness.

Missed by: Jean
1995 - 2005

Ace - Sweetest Sammie boy in the world, Ambassador for the breed, a Gentleman Always. My little man.... Too soon gone; Heart ripped out by his leaving. No time to give to his passing...... His gift to me, his boy. Missed extremely, silently.

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1985 - 2001
From: Chula Vista, Temecula, Murrieta , CA , USA

Our first Samoyed. Always in our hearts! Love you Snowbear!

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1986 - 1998
From: Chula Vista, Temecula, Murrieta , CA , USA

Our first female Samoyed. We love you Nikki!

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1986 - 2000
From: Chula Vista, Temecula, Murrieta , CA , USA

Our first baby girl Samoyed. We love you Gretchen!

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1984 - 2001
From: Murrieta , CA , USA

We only had you for 9 months before you died of bladder cancer. Our second rescue dog. We love you Meeka!

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1993 - 2003
From: Murrieta , CA , USA

Our first rescue boy. We love you Dakota!

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1993 - 2004
From: Murrieta , CA , USA

Our first rescue girl. You got us started working with SRSC. You outlived two owners and went into Samoyed Rescue two times. We love you Star.

Missed by: Karla Scherer
1993 - 2001
From: Murrieta , CA , USA

Poor Aspen. We hardly knew you. You were a good rescue girl.

Missed by: Ron Allen
1960 - 1975
From: Capistrano Beach , CA , USA

The dates are approximate, because we found Snowball. She came to our late one evening, so that makes her my first "rescue Sammie". We knew what a Samoyed was because we had a dog book for kids that showed one, and the Samoyed was our favorite in the book. So it was delightful--almost magical--that a Samoyed, of all dogs, showed up at our door after fireworks on July 4th. My father did not like dogs. From his big easy chair, he said she belonged to someone else and had to go. But Snowball just ambled over and laid down right on his feet. After that, he could not put her back out.

Ch Weathervane's Vanilla Shakes "Shaker"
Missed by: Tom and Beverly Delaney
Feb-83 - 1996
From: Saugerties , NY ,

Shaker was our second Samoyed. She was going to be our foundation bitch, but fate decided that that was not to be her destiny. Shakes had more health problems than any one dog should ever be faced with. From 11 months of age, she had one illness after another to overcome. And yet through all of her years of problems, Shakes was the sweetest, dearest dog you could even wish to meet. Such a happy, loving companion. I'll never forget her endearing habit of taking the socks up onto the bed and lying there with them in her mouth and making them "squeak" in her teeth. "Woof woof" woolly girl.

Geyser Creek's Squirt
Missed by: Judy Loudin
12/5/1995 - 12/3/2005
From: Saratoga , Wyoming , USA

Squirt was three and 1/2 when he came to live with us. He was a talker, and told the best stories to anyone who would listen. He had a compassionate, loving spirit and for 6 1/2 years he and I were inseparable. He even went to school with me in 2004 when I studied massage therapy and reflexology in CO. He gave his all for me when he took on my cancer in the fall of 2005 and chose to cross the Rainbow Bridge ahead of me so I could stay here and care for his siblings. I can close my eyes and see his smile, hear his voice, and feel the brush of his tail. He is immortal.

Missed by: Judy Loudin
Unknown - 2001
From: Saratoga , WY , USA

Kyota came to live with us at age 2 when her "mom" crossed from cancer. She stayed with her mom's sister, but eventually came to live with us. She and Squirt were buddies from the first day. She taught him to dig holes, run the fenceline on patrol, and he followed her everywhere. She had an energy that suggested she had much to do in a short time. Although she left us one year later with a congenital heart condition, she packed much living into her short, but very special life. And she brought much joy and happiness to Squirt and to us. She was a free spirit and now they are both free to be together.

Missed by: Judy Loudin
2/20/1991 - January 24,2003
From: Saratoga , WY , USA

Oliver was American Eskimo/Samoyed x. He was always a cheerful, loving companion, and he gave so much to others. He came to live with us at 6 weeks of age, and his latter years were plagued with health problems. He was a Cushings dog, and at the end, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge from a beautiful spot in the mountains near Durango, CO, and he let me know that he was safe one night when he barked (everyone else was asleep)and awakened me about 2 a.m. He barked twice more as if to say, I'll be waiting for you. Godspeed my beautiful Oliver. You have been there to welcome so many of our furry kids the past three years.

Kolfinna's Flash in the Pan CD, HCT, WS
Missed by: Carol Kinne
11-May-92 - 6-May-05
From: New Berlin , NY , USA

Pan has joined his dog friends to square dance at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm thinking of you, Mr. Dog and always remembering how much fun we had together.

Zoey, Dolly, Nikki, Queenie, Kody, Sammy G
Missed by: Carol Kinne
From: New Berlin , NY , USA

To all my adopted Samoyeds who have passed on. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me such joy.

B. Bianca Flash CD
Missed by: Carol Kinne
6-May-82 - Sep-97
From: New Berlin , NY , USA

To my first Samoyed, Bianca: Thank you for all the things you did: helping with heifers, pulling in wood, being a team with Sammy G. to pull two cases of beer up the driveway and for hanging in there, in spite of your fear of loud sounds, to finish your CD. Most of all thank you for accepting many rescues into our household and keeping the peace.

J. Jack Flash
Missed by: Carol Kinne
11/25/1970 - Sep-84
From: NYC and New Berlin , NY , USA

To Jack Flash, my first dog. Thank you for your absolute loyalty, enjoyment of life whether in the city or countyside and being the only dog who came instantly when I called him. Thank you for teaching me all about dog life. Thank you for being my date and dancing partner and "protecting me" from trouble in the big city. Thank you for all the long walks in the woods.

Missed by: Cari, Mark and kids
1998 - 2001
From: Truckee , California , USA

Sam was scheduled to be put down, because they said he was aggressive. All he needed was some TLC. He was supposed to stay with us for a few months, but moved right into our hearts, and stayed until he died from complications from Diabetes. He taught us so much, and we are grateful for the time we had. Miss you, Sam...

Missed by: Cari, Mark and kids
2001 - 2001
From: Truckee , California , USA

We tried to save Kodiak from advanced-stage heartworm, but we were too late. He passed knowing that he was loved, if just for a short time.

Missed by: Cari, Mark and kids
1992-ish - 2004
From: Belmont , California , USA

Mo was a crazy, loving puff ball. He was never discouraged by his aches and pains, and loved to take walks and be with the family. We miss his constant presence, loving smile and adorable little furry face.

Phoenix, Deuce, Sparkles
Missed by: Pam Puckett
Various - Various
From: Tempe , AZ , USA

This is for all the dogs that AZ Sammy rescue could not save. Deuce, you touched our hearts but we couldn't save you. Phoenix, you left us too soon. Sparkles, something happened to you that we couldn't correct, we loved you.

Missed by: Pam Puckett
Unknown - 11/16/2004
From: Mesa , AZ , USA

Kodi, my dear one. We tried to put you back together but couldn't. You were my special dog and I miss you! Please wait for me.

Missed by: Susan A. Wilson (Dog Mom)
unknown 12-13 at time of passing - Feb.3 2001
From: Denver, Co and Bay Area, CA, CO and CA , Santa Clara and Alameda

a friend wrote this for AnnieRose and me: For A.R. You lay so easy in repose I am jealous of your contentment Your ears prick to an invisible sound I am jealous of your senses You wake or sleep with ease I am jealous of your security You snarl or snap with menace I am jealous of your ferocity You cry then smile with one breath I am jealous of your instant honesty You are a wonder to children I am jealous of your beauty You fight to death to defend a life I am jealous of your bravery You wait each day for her return I am jealous of your loyalty You made the hardest heart smile I am jealous of your humor You can sense any mood I am jealous of your instinct You lead into adventure I am jealous or your curiousity You crept into my heart I'll jealously hold you there forever. VFlood

Missed by: Barbara Arnaud
Feb-79 - Mar-93
From: Los Angeles , California ,

I miss this lovely girl Ch: Sulu's Mindy's On My Mind. She is always in my thoughts and some day I know I will be with her again

Teaka Bear & Denali
Missed by: Dan Walsh
From: Carson City , Nevada , USA

I miss you both dearly, you are always in my thoughts and prayers

Missed by: Eny Lanson
1995 - 28-Jun-03
From: Van Nuys , CA , USA

Morgan was my first rescue Sam. My boyfriend got him for my birthday in 2001. The first moment I saw him I knew he was the one for me, it was love at first sight. I couldn't imagine why he was given back two rescue two times. I also noticed that he might have hip or arthritis issues. This didn' discourage me, I decided that I was going to be his last person, the right person for Morgan. For the short time Morgan was in my life he made a huge impact. He was definately MY dog and my world. He would only listen to me and gave me a look that was given to no other. He would not take orders or suggestion from anyone and would tell them (especially my Mom) with a huff and then turn around, tail in the air and trot off to his spot. Morgan and I were thick as theives and were loyal to each other.I only had this bond once before with my Samoyed Taisho who I lost in 1996. I never thought I would have it again, but I was blessed to have it with Morgan. As time progressed, so did Morgan's illness. The arthritis went into his spine and started neurological issues. The morning I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to Morgan was the worst of my life. He couldn't get up and stay up anymore and was in considerable pain. When I got him to the vet, I told him how much I loved him and how were were cheated because we didn't have enough time together. I told him to take my heart because I didn't need it anymore and thanked him for being MY doggie and that there would be no other like him in my heart. Morgan passed quickly, he was ready to go. I told the Vet that he was fine and happy when I was around,but others had told me when I wasn't home, he didn't look so good. The vet told me that he was living for me. That wasn't fair and I knew no matter how hard, I made the right decision for Morgan. Morgan was special. Morgan's foster parents and their family still remember him and will tell the same you if you ask them about him. His pictures still adorn the house and my desk at work. I miss him so much. I know, in my heart that Chet, Morgan's foster Dad is keepiong an eye on him until I can come get him. When it's my time, I know Morgan will be there to welcome me.

Missed by: Eny Lanson
1984 - 1996
From: Tarzana , CA , USA

Taisho was the best gift I ever received. I say I, but he was really given to our family by our friends after we lost our male Bear. Taisho was the last of a litter of puppies and was getting ""too old"" to be sold as a puppy. When we went to our friend's house our surprise was waiting. I scooped him into my arma like a baby and I was in love. aisho from that moment became my dog. He was always by my side and even slept in my bed with his head on the pillow. My Dad will tell youthat Taisho got a look on his face for no one else but me. I had and still have a kind of love for no one else but Taisho. He was the most beautiful dog. At the age of 10 Taisho developed cancer in his jaw. He was supposed to only live six months, but we were blessed with having him for another two years. He died quietly in his sleep. I still miss him and know he will be there when my time comes to see him.

Nicholas North Star of the Snow Storm
Missed by: Susan A. Wilson (Dog Mom)
November '89 - unknown
From: many , CA , USA

Bear boy with a wolf heart you are forever in mine. My four-legged soulmate who always walks with me in spirit. I can see you with AnnieRose, travelling shoulder to shoulder across space and time and that rainbow bridge of the future. I love you both more than words can say. "

Missed by: Dale Kelly
unknown - 18-Jul-05
From: Covina , California , USA

I'd been looking for a dog for months, I'd visited every shelter in my area, and then on August 30th, 1998, at the Pasadena Humane Society, I struck gold... White Gold! I walked through the shelter and turned to see the most beautiful dog there could possibly be. I froze in my tracks as I gazed at the beautiful face smiling back at me with that big fluffy tail waving like a feathered plume. I visited with him and went to the adoption office, I was so happy! The adoption counselor took my application and then told me ""He has a Samoyed Rescue hold on him"" I had no idea at the time who Samoyed Rescue was and said 'Who?"" I almost cried when I asked her 'Does that mean I can't have him?"" She smiled and said 'You can have him, I just wanted you to know that"" I named him Frosty ... Frosty The Snowdog. He turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle dog I'd ever known. Eventually I became a volunteer for Samoyed Rescue who'd have been there for him if I hadn't been lucky enough to be at the shelter on that fateful August day in 1998. I still think it's ironic that the first time I'd ever heard of Samoyed Rescue was the first day I met Frosty... you see, even then Frosty had plans for me. I'll always love my Frosty, I think of him every day, my sweet Frosty4Ever!

Bubbling Oaks Merry Thief - Foxxie
Missed by: Denise Galante
11-Jul-84 - 26-Jun-99
From: New York , New York , US

My first Sam, my beautiful girl, spirited, fun loving, always ready for adventure. Like a fine effervescent champagne, life was to be savored, celebrated with an enthusiam for each sunrise to await what the day would bring. I miss you reminding me to give you coffee, you smiling face and mischievious eyes. No other has been quite like you my Little Fox.

Whitecliff's Kuma Kuma Karu - Perry
Missed by: Denise Galante
5-Apr-86 - 11-Nov-01
From: New York , New York , US

Silly, silly boy, how sweet and loving all the days of your life. Glued to my side, lean on me just to be near, how I long for those days just one more time. A joy in the show ring, how you loved to be there, ""hey Mr Judge, I'm over here!"" How frightened you were that last day, I held you in my arms alone as you sang your last words to me. I love you too Oobie.

Ice Ways Ice Teaser - Tiika
Missed by: Denise Galante
15-Feb-88 - 11-Nov-02
From: New York , NY , US

My little Tiika Tonka, so timd and shy, please don't take me to a show I don't like it. You never quite knew what to do, you would look at the others and imitate them, yet you were the most delicate flower just waiting to bloom. I'll always take joy in the time we spent together at events and parks, how you loved to go on the slide - wee what fun, can we do it again? You slipped so quietly from me and took what was left of my heart. Be brave my little one, we will all be together again.

Missed by: Greg and Barbara Shippie
Oct-86 - May-01
From: Pleasanton and Cambria , California , Alameda and San Luis Obispo

Pete lived with us for almost 15 years. We raised him from the time he was a puppy. He introduced us to what a sammy was all about. He was handsome, a con artist, smart, proper and had a perfect sammy look. He didn't like the ocean but liked the snow. He loved living in Pleasanton California living there 13 years; and then we moved to Cambria California and he had a harder time adjusting to his surroundings. His favorite vehicle was our 1987 Jeep Cherokee; his favorite companion was his master Greg - until we rescued another sammy, Nellie whose his devoted attention was hers for almost 6 years until she passed away. Petey is surely missed but in our hearts - and he said it was okay when we rescued another sammy 7 months later, Keno.

Bubbling Oaks Cal O'Mine - Calli
Missed by: Denise Galante
27-Dec-86 - 28-May-01
From: New York , New York , US

Where's Woof? Each time I spoke those words you would howl so softly a response, the air is now silent, your howl is only a cherished memory. If you could have lived under my skin you would have been happiest, but you dwelled much deeper in my heart. Confident, self assured, your fitst show, you jumped into the ring and free stacked for the judge, didn't matter to you that it was Newfies in the ring! I tried so desperately to save you as the cancer consumed your body, you never wanted to leave, and when I asked, you gave me permission to allow your beautiful spirit to rise to the heavens. Run free Calli, one day I will again call out Where's Woof and will hear you once again.

Missed by: Greg and Barbara Shippie
1984 - 1995
From: Pleasanton , Calfornia , Alameda

Nellie was an adopted sammy from a breeder. When we rescued her she was not in the best of ways. She had no voice, bad teeth, unhealthy hair and didn't particularly like men. She adopted me the female of the family. She was more of the ""bear like"" sammy and her eyes where close and when she perked up her ears they almost meet in the middle. She was just full of fun. Once we took her in she met our other sammy, Pete who became her devoted buddy. They were opposites - he was prime proper and wolf like. But she was a charmer. As I mentioned earlier she didn't like men at first, but become a warm companion of my husband and never feared men again. Poor Nellie also came with a heart condition, but she enjoyed life with us for almost 10 years - We have a wonderful painting of Nellie and Pete done by a friend that today hangs up in our room. When we bought our third sammy, another rescue, Keno - who is now 10- they gave us their blessing and we find he is a mixture of both their looks, personalitie, with his own crazy charm. We love them all.

Missed by: Sandy MacDonald
3-Dec-98 - 14-Jun-06
From: Feeding Hills , MA , USA

Nakita Rose - you are sadly missed. We love you - Andrew, Ryan, Patrick, Mom, Dad, Sneakers & Nikko.

Missed by: Adele Billingsley
2/7/1989 - Jan-05
From: Philadelphia , PA , USA

Snowy was my best friend, my secret keeper, my baby, my heart. I will forever miss her.

Missed by: Ellen Billingsley
1981 - 1997
From: Philadelphia , PA , USA

Freeway was the smallest dog in a run with a bunch of shepherds, labs, etc. who were beating up on him. They even chewed the hair of his tail - it was always just a nub. He was my first baby, before all my human children. It broke my heart when he had to leave me. He was my children's best friend and protector. He taught our family so much about love and compassion and loyalty.

Missed by: Jo O'Keefe
2000 - Nov-05
From: Indianapolis , Indiana , Marion

I miss my beloved J.D. every day.

Missed by: Jo O'Keefe
2000 - Nov-05
From: Indianapolis , Indiana , Marion

I miss my beloved J.D. every day.

Sparky "The White Bear" Otaño
Missed by: Nancy Otaño
13-Oct-92 - 15-Jun-06
From: Portage , IN , USA

Sparky my beloved Sammy was a loyal friend & companion. His smile and unconditional love is missed by so many especially me. Sparky you took a piece of my heart with you and that can never be replaced.Thanks for all the wonderful years we had together and for all the memories that I will cherish forever. You were my one and only dancing partner. I know you are no longer in pain and you can now go and play and run like you used to. Remember Mommy loves you and misses you with all her heart.

King Kobe
Missed by: Marsha
31-Jan-80 - 3-Jun-94
From: (Various) , Virginia , USA

Kobe was my first Sammy...I owe my love of the breed to him.

Missed by: Marsha
7-May-94 - 23-Sep-95
From: , Virginia , USA

He was wonderful...left much too soon.

Missed by: Marsha
8-Jun-03 - 21-Mar-04
From: , Virginia , USA

Another wonderful, handsome one...gone too soon.

Missed by: Alisa Mendribil
12/25/1993 - 6/16/2005
From: Rohnert Park , California , USA

My dog, Sneakers was with me every step of the way through the most difficult and wonderful moments of my life. I couldn't have asked for a better companion and a more loving friend. He was also a devoted companion to my other Samoyed, Nikki. We miss him dearly everyday. Here is a poem given to me by the staff at the Animal Care Center where Sneakers spent a week in oxygen and two months of weekly visits due to heart failure. It is also where he passed away in the arms of their caring doctors. I Remember I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep. I could see that you were crying. You found it hard to sleep. I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear, ""It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."" I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea, You were thinking of the many times your hands reached down to me. I was with you at the shops today. Your arms were getting sore. I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more. I was with you at my grave today. You tend it with such care. I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there. I walked with you towards the house, as you fumbled for your key. I gently put my paw on you , I smiled and said, ""It's me."" You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair. I tried so hard to let you know, that I was standing there. It's possible for me to be so near you everyday. To say to you with certainty, ""I never went away."" You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew... in the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you. The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning, and say, ""Good night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."" And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide, I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side. I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see. Be patient, live your journey out... then come home to be with me.
- Author unknown

Silver C's Starr Producktion "Lonni"
Missed by: Holly Wallace
June 9, 1997 - April 20, 2006
From: Hampden and Norwood , Massachusetts , USA

I had had two male Samoyeds before I was blessed with Lonni. I had waited years and years for my Sammy girl, and you'd better believe she was worth it!!! She was the love of my life, my soulmate, my partner, my best friend, my other half. I'm at a loss for words to describe her incredible beauty, her intelligence, her gentle soul and pure spirit. She only died two months ago at too young an age and the world lost a truly perfect being. Lonni taught me how to be a better human, how to always give someone another chance, how to enjoy life regardless of what was in it (or not in it). I miss her so much, her soft, lovely eyes, her sense of humor, her certainty that she was always right (because she was!), and her unwavering, unconditional love for me. I try mightily to be worth of her, and I think in another twenty lifetimes, I might be close. I love you, Lonni and will remember and cherish you always. I'll see you at the Bridge, my honey bunny bear...