BORN: June 22, 1993



We all in Rescue are saddened to report that our dearest little Sussie has recently made her final journey across the Rainbow Bridge and is waiting for us to join her in play and fun.

Sussie was a special little girl with a special attitude that set her apart from many dogs in her condition. When she came in to the Rescue in November of 1999 she was suffering from severe hip dysplasia and was on pain and joint medication. She was in my foster care for five months and all I can say is she had the most positive attitude on life that I had ever seen. Always good-natured, always trying to do her best to do what she could do. She never complained about how she felt. It was as if she was determined to live each day to the fullest and make everyone around her happy.

In April of 2000, Sussie was x-rayed to find out the extent of her dysplasia and begin the hip surgery that would make her whole again. At the same time her front paw was also x-rayed because she had developed a limp. After extensive tests, it was diagnosed that she had bone cancer. We were devastated. The doctors gave her six months at the outside. It was decided that Sussie’s quality of life was more important than having her leg amputated at the shoulder and, with no guarantees of success; all surgery was put on hold.

At the same time, two wonderful humans came and met Sussie and instantly fell in love with her. Even though they had recently lost their own “little girl” to cancer they became her new Forever Home and give her all the love and care they could. Sussie was very happy to go to her new home where she was the sole focus of their love. She enjoyed long sessions of laying in the yard getting groomed and short walks to the neighbors for “extra attention.” Sussie improved daily under their care, but it was one thing that did a complete turn around in her life—a baby brother. A new Sammy puppy came to live with Sussie and her mom and dad and they instantly bonded. Tundra brought the best out in Sussie. It wasn’t long before they were running and playing together and, of course, getting in to mischief. They were totally the best of buddies. Her, once snuggles on the grass, became romps with Tundra. Her, once short walks a few hundred feet to the neighbor’s, became several blocks with no ill effects. Her pain medication was reduced. It was as if there was nothing wrong with her.

Several times her doctors commented that Sussie was a miracle girl. I attribute it more to her human mom, dad and her Sammy brother. She knew she had to be there for them.

I had the opportunity to spend the day with Sussie in August of 2001 and I can attest to the fact that she was happy, healthy and an absolutely adorable little girl.

We in the Rescue, in the meantime, had set up the Sussie Fund which was started by two of our club members as a fundraising project. Sussie was after all like a mascot to us. The Fund was set up to spin donated Samoyed hair in to yarn and knit stuffed animals or special orders to help as many dogs as we could. Thanks to two very caring and special Sammy lovers the Sussie Fund has been a great success. The Sussie Fund will continue as the Sussie Memorial Fund in loving memory of this sweet little girl.

Sussie was so very special to everyone who met her and brought sunshine and happiness with her. I for one have lost a large part of my heart with Sussie’s passing and I intend to retrieve it when next Sussie and I meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell, sweet Sussie. We will all be united soon to play forever in the fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge. You are so missed.




In loving Memory of Sussie, National Samoyed Rescue is proud to announce the formation of the National Sussie Memorial Fund as an on going fundraiser to benefit the needs of Regional Samoyed Rescues. With the cooperation and support of VIP Fibers we are beginning our efforts. All we need is clean Samoyed hair your Sammie no longer needs. If you have a desire to help in our efforts in memory of Sussie, please contact us at for details.

Help keep the memory of Sussie alive and at the same time benefit Samoyed’s in need.