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My Dog Socks, a new rescue partner
We are excited to announce a new rescue partner, Dog Socks! They have graciously offered 30% of sales that enter the code "sammie" to go to NSR. Plus by entering the code, you will receive free shipping! This is a very generous offer and a win/win for everyone. So please click on the dog below and check them out. Don't forget to enter "sammie".

Pet Rescue Rx
We are a participating group at Pet Rescue Rx - A Pets Before Profits Pharmacy!

Luka's Story

Our Featured Sam

Meet Our new Featured Dog! Luka -
Samoyed rescued by Samoyed Rescue of Texas

The known history of Luka's world began around Christmas 2015. His age was estimated at 5 years, and judging from his condition, he had been a roaming stray for a very long time.
To read his story, click here:

Read Luka's Story

About National Samoyed Rescue (NSR)

The mission of National Samoyed Rescue is to act as a service organization providing resources, support, networking, and guidance to assist existing Samoyed rescuers and help establish new rescue groups in areas lacking coverage. By fostering relations between rescues and regional breed clubs, breeders, and fanciers, NSR seeks to provide a unified single point of reference for the Samoyed rescue community. NSR strives to enable the humane, ethical, and effective rescue of Samoyeds in need across the United States through the substantiation & verification of its affiliated rescues' practices thereby ensuring that shelters, humane societies, and the general public are confident in their local Samoyed rescue representatives.

Our Affiliates
Buckeye Samoyed Rescue
Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue
Northern California Sled Dog Rescue
Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance
Samoyed Club of Central Arizona Rescue
Samoyed Rescue of Southern California
Samoyed Rescue of Texas
Samoyed Rescue of Utah
San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
St. Louis Samoyed Rescue
Tarheel Samoyed Rescue Contact

NSR Is Selling Several Items To Help Sams in Need
Your order on any of the above items will help us help more Samoyeds in need. Thank you for supporting NSR.

Annie has also graciously donated her wonderful prints "The Cherished Samoyed", "The Affectionate Samoyed","The Welcoming Samoyed", and "The Complete Samoyed" to be sold with all the proceeds going to rescue. You not only get a wonderful print, but you will also help a samoyed in need. Congratulations to Annie! "The Complete Samoyed" won first prize at the Art Show at the Samoyed Club of America 2007 National Specialty!
** Click one of the pictures above to Order Annie's Prints! **

Annie's Prints Order Form

Help Samoyeds in Need by Shopping NSR Partners!
Flower Power Seeds and Bulbs
Pet Gift Box
NSR Samoyed Watches


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